Android Remote Desktop with Microsoft Remote Desktop App on Nexus 7, 5,9

An 7-inch tablet is more convenient than using remote desktop app on a smart phone to connect to Widows PC. Here we are going to talk about the latest Android remote desktop app from the owners on Windows Operating System, Microsoft. The Android remote desktop apps from Microsoft works great on Nexus 7 tablets. Even if you are okay with 5″ inch screen, you can try on the Nexus 5 smart phone also. By using MS RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) app, you will get the feeling of running Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8.1 OS on your Nexus 7 android tablet or Nexus 5 phone. This small guide explains how to install Microsoft Remote desktop app on Google Nexus 7 and how to connect Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 computers over the network.

There are plenty of remote desktop apps available for Android devices,but the two major advantages of this MS app are, it is from Microsoft and it doesn’t require any client installation on remote Windows PC. You can easily control your Windows 8.1 or 8 or 7 computer remotely through LAN or Internet (if the setup has been done on the internet router- port forwarding) from Nexus 7/5 or even from the latest Nexus 9 device.

The Microsoft Remote desktop apps on Android purely works through remote desktop services on Windows OS, which means, remote desktop connection services should be running and allowed in Firewall (remote desktop service port number is 3389). You can follow this step to solve any issues related to allowing remote desktop on Windows 7 or 8 computers.

Download Microsoft’s Android Remote Desktop Apps on Nexus 7, 5 and 9

1) Go to play store and search for the app.

android remote desktop

2) Open the app after the installation. You need to create a new remote desktop connection here. Also multiple remote desktop connections can be set and saved, so it will be easy to access later.

no connections

3) Provide the details (including credentials which have remote access) to use remote desktop connection on particular Windows PC. If the computer name can be resolved to IP address, you can give the PC name, otherwise provide IP address of the PC. Press ‘DONE’ to save the connection.

configure remote desktop connection in nexus 7

4) You may need to ‘Trust Always’ the certificate message on the next screen.

trust certificate

5) Here is the working remote desktop connection on Nexus 7 2013 tablet of a Windows 7 computer through internet connection.

Windows 7 remote desktop on nexus 7

Microsoft claims that their app will support video and audio very well through remote desktop connection, but I have never tried them.  To be honest, I’m not going to watch movie thought RDP connection on my Android tablet or smart phone. From experience of other users around the web, I realized that audio is working fine but video is not up to the mark as MS claim, which also mainly depends the video hardware you are using on the PC and network strength.

6) All MS RDP connection on Nexus 7 will be saved as below ( I have only one currently).

saved rdp on Nexus 5 phone

7) Not only remote desktop connections, but also you can connect to remote resources which hosted by Microsoft servers in public or private clouds, such as connecting to virtual desktops (VDI) or other hosted remote services. To use this type of services from your Google Nexus 7 tab, use ‘ Remote Resources’ option and add the property.

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Pinch-to-zoom is A New Feature of MS RDP for Android

Recently Microsoft had added pinch-to-zoom feature in this app. You can use the usual pinch to zoom in RDP app to access your Windows computer in mouse pointer mode of this app.

By default, this app opens with ‘Direct touch’ input mode, in this mode if you like to zoom or move the screen, you need to use the icon on the screen as shown below.

touch and move

To change the mode to mouse pointer mode, tap the connection name at the top of the screen, press the pointer option at bottom. Pinch-to-zoom will work in mouse pointer mode only.

mouse pointer mode in RDP nexus 7

To disconnect a RDP session, press back button on your nexus 7 twice.

Basically this is a simple Android remote desktop app which can be used without any issues on Google Nexus 7 Nexus 5 and latest Nexus 9 tablet.