Best Bible App for Android Smart Phone and Tablet in 2015

This post lists out some of the famous and best bible app for Android smart phone OS in 2015. We have listed them by based on good reviews and more downloads from Google play. Bible is the most significant and important book in the world. When you read it, you actually read the message from God. This is the book, where we can find ourselves, find God. The Bible is the book, where we can actually find the fundamentals of the beginning of our universe. If we read this book thoroughly we can know why we are here. We can know about our purposes to live among these beautiful creations of god. From Bible we can get the directions, we can amplify our future goals. If we follow the words from Bible, we can fight against our temptation, any kind of evil ethics. It is eternal source of success and joy.

“Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.” – Ronald Reagan

With the revolution in technology, now we depend mostly on electronic devices for most of the tasks in our daily lives. Smartphone is a recent addition to perform multiple tasks with a single smart device. If you love to read bible regularly, you can have an app on your smartphone that will contain the whole Bible for you. There is a lot of Bible app available for android. You can get them by just one click in the play store. Let’s get to know some of the most famous Bible app for android. Some bible app can work offline too. These apps can be installed on most of the smart phones and tablets which support recent Android Operating Systems.

4 Best Bible App for Android in 2015

1) Bible

This is the number one Bible app available on play store. It has a tremendous rating of 4.6/5 with huge number of installation of 50 million and counting. The most amazing fact about this app is that it’s totally free. It changes the till-date experience of your Bible reading experience.

best bible app for android

It has the feature of reading, listening and sharing the whole Bible or its verses. With the facility of reading in different languages, it has the feature bookmarking certain pages and verses to highlight your texts. The sharing feature of this app is amazing. You can share and discuss on certain topics with a great community of people. By this discussion and sharing process you can get proper guidance and go far along the path.

2) NLT Bible

This is one of the amazing apps for improve Bible reading experience. In this app you can easily find any verse in the Bible. This app is a ready downloaded app, so you can read the whole bible without any internet connection.

NTL Bible

It also gives you the option to share verses or lines via Facebook, Twitter or Goggle+. This app even has the feature of texting any verse via SMS. It has the text-to-speech facility with which you can hear the verses louder with clear voice-mark. For these amazing features this app has got tremendous feedback and download mark in the play store.

3) And Bible

And Bible is an open source app which you can download free of cost. It contains the whole bible that you can read offline. It has also different versions including King James Version, English Standard version, and the New English Translation version.

and bible best app for android 2015

You can also translate the verses in different languages-almost eight different regions across the world. This is one of the best bible app for Android tablet and smartphone in 2015 you must consider to download. This is another free app which can work offline without internet connection.

4) Bible Trivia

If you install this app you will get another type of experience. This app is not the same kind apps available out there. With this app you will improve stage by stages. Other Bible apps just let you read the bible. But this one is kind of different. It will test your knowledge by asking you questions.

bible app for android tablet

Unlike other apps this app actually let you know about your level of knowledge. Like games you will have to unlock stages to go to higher levels. You can also share to Facebook with this app.

We are sure one of these above best bible app for Android OS may meet your requirement. These are some of the apps that will help you to improve your Bible reading experience. Stay in faith, Be loved by God.