Best Camera on These Cheap Phones Under 15000 – 16 Mega Pixels Inside!

The smartphones are the most popular of the gadgets for not only their compactness and looks but their features are getting innovative day by day. The processors and memory(RAM) are catching up with those of personal computers and the camera quality is getting even better than DSLRs. Almost everybody is getting crazy about selfies and for all those who want to capture the best moments of life, a smartphone with a decent camera is required.

Having said that, it is not necessary to shell out more from your pocket to get a good camera in a smartphone since there are some smartphones available that are not only reasonable priced below 15000 Rupees but are also equipped with high-end cameras.

Cheap (Under 15000) Phones with Best Camera

Redmi Note 3


When it comes to camera quality, Redmi Note 3 is the one smartphone that needs to be mentioned here. The phone is equipped with 16 Mega Pixels Camera that has the capability to click professional grade images supported by super-fast 0.1 second Phase Detection Autofocus(PDAF) with the aperture size of f/2.2. Unlike trial and error technology used in other mobiles, the Redmi Note 3 used latest dual ISP technology for image contrasts. You can take selfies with the slight touch on the fingerprint sensor. The phone is equipped with HDR technology for vivid contrast pictures and the images can be given special effects with 12 real-time filter modes. Redmi Note 3 with the high-quality camera is available under the price tag of 15000 rupees.