Best Navigation Apps for Android and Install It on Nexus 7 and Nexus 5

Planning to hit the road and have Nexus 7 or Nexus 5 phone? We are here with gifts for you because in this post, we will tell you the best navigation apps for Android which will lax off all the worries of location searching and destination riddles. You have state of the art Android tablet with you so things will be all spiced up because of the perks and tattles of this state of the art tablet. Gone are the days when we had to buy the bulky maps from the stationery shops and get on the working table to plan a trip. Pack your bags, grab your Nexus 7 or 5 phone and just hit the road. Oops! One thing, don’t forget to read on!


List of Best Navigation Apps for Android


First on our list is none other than Sygic, the free navigation App that has blasted the location based App search at Play Store and crossed over 30 million downloads. Sygic lets you just specify the destination and roll out, it will show your location with a large pointer and the complete path towards the destination. You can change views, angles and turn on the automatic suggestion in which the App will recommend you with verbal directions. It calculates the optimal path, shows traffic crunches and guess what, it has in-built maps so there is not any need for GPS or internet as long as your destination is mainstream location. No doubt, Sygic has really beefed up the standard as compared to all the best navigation apps for Android and remains on my top priority.

sygic on nexus 7 Download Sygic


MapQuest: Maps, GPS & Traffic

MapQuest: Maps, GPS & Traffic is ranked second on our list. Swift re-routing, OpenStreetMaps(OSM), updated maps after every 5 minutes, updates about remote traffic jams and road cut offs are some of the awesome and flashy features of this App which has compelled people to hit it more than a million times on Play Store. It has ranked 4.2 and free of cost. You will need GPS or internet connection for this App.

Best navigation apps for android

Download MapQuest



Waze is a great, peculiar and unique addition to the contemporary best navigation apps for Android. On Waze, you will be assigned unique Avatar (a baby at the start) which will grow into mature man as the time passes. You cannot only look for nearby locations schools, restaurants and public shopping malls, you can also update your Facebook and Twitter using this awesome app. The idea is basically to mesh up navigation with social media integration. You will be helped by fellow members’ and they get points for that which elevates their avatar maturity.

On Android tablet

Download Waze

Google has recently acquired Waze to lead the market in Navigation apps world.

By the way, Google map is also one of the best navigation apps for Android which comes with Google Nexus 7 2013 or 2013 and Nexus 5 by default.

Earlier we have covered a topic about how to download offline maps in latest Google maps app in your Nexus 7 or 5 device.

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We are sure above famous navigation apps for Android tablets and smartphone would give more information about other navigations apps other than Google maps.


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