4GB RAM or More? Best Smartphones in India with 4GB or More RAM

These days, people are using smartphones for almost all sorts of purposes. Games, music, entertainment, taking photos etc. If you are someone who loves to do all these things on their smartphone, then you should look for something that offers more processing power to cater your needs. In this article, we are going to list down the best mobile phones in India with 4GB RAM or more. These smartphones with 4GB RAM or more not only provide you sheer performance, but also provide you best features like longer battery backup, excellent screen quality, great imaging software and much more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is based on the Galaxy S6 Edge except that it offers more RAM. The main idea behind releasing the Plus version of a smartphone that is previous generation flagship device is to provide users with enough power that users don’t feel that the flagship name of the smartphone is outdated. Apart from the 4GB RAM, it also has excellent camera, both back and front.

samsung s6 edge