[Fixed] Can’t Open Nexus 5 on Windows 8.1, Device Manager Shows Acer ADB

Recently when I tried to browse my Nexus 5 phone in Windows 8.1 where it is connected through USB, I could not see it under My computer. That was really strange because it used to work fine earlier. When I removed and connected back the phone via USB, it started charging as usual. So I’m sure nothing wrong with the USB cable or connection.  I managed to fix this issue and let me share the way how I fixed accessing/browsing issue with Nexus 5 phone on Windows 8.1 computer.

To identify the cause  I have opened the device manager in Windows 8.1 and disconnected the Nexus 5 phone. Then reconnected to see which new device is showing up in device manager list. I could see a strange device called ‘Acer ADB’ while connecting Nexus 5 phone. That could be the culprit of this problem.

Acer ADB in device manager Windows 8.1
Since the Google Nexus 5 is nothing to do with ACER ADB interface in Windows 8.1, I have uninstalled it. Right click on the device, select ‘Uninstall’ or open ‘Properties’ then Uninstall.

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Uninstall Acer ADB device

Uninstalling will remove the driver files related to ACER ADB from the computer. Disconnect and connect back the phone again, I’m sure it will install the default Google Nexus driver and you should be able to browse/open your Nexus 5 phone storage on Windows 8.1

Opening Nexus 5 on Windows 8.1

What Went Wrong?

I did not have this issue with Windows 8.1 and Nexus 5 from day one. So the only problem I could guess was, I might have done the Windows update while my phone was connected. Microsoft would have installed suitable (possibly) driver which is digitally signed ( Acer driver in this case), because the Google Nexus driver for Windows 8.1 is not digitally signed yet.

You might get this issue again and again. Best suggestion is not to run Windows update when Nexus 5 phone is connected. In case you have done this, you need to uninstall it as shown above.

I hope this guide would be helpful.


  1. This works. Make sure that when you uninstall the driver, check the option to delete the software as well when the pop-up opens.

  2. Buddy, You have no idea how thankful I am for this. This fixed my problem in no time for which I have been struggling for months with no idea what happened. You are absolutely right that the windows update while the phone being connected was the culprit. Thanks a TON again.

  3. Hey, I had the same problem, but after I uninstalled that acer adb interface, now I have Google Nexus BootLoader Interface and I can’t find my nexus 5 in the device manager list yet.
    Any solution???

    I was trying to flash lollipop factory image but I forgot to extract the whole thing. The flashing process stopped and after that I noticed my device is listed in the device manager