Five Best Call Recorder for Android in 2015, Best Apps Collection

Here are 5 best call recorder for Android in 2015 which can work with most of the recent Android versions such as LolliPop and KitKat. People love to store their memory via different methods. In the new era of technology we got the solutions to capture our memories in photos or videos. We can record a favorite song in a voice recorder. All of us must have been in that kind of situations when we are provided important news or information via phone call.

Sometimes we grab up a pen and a notebook to cover those information. If you are thinking of recording your calls because you want to use it as a proof to show that a particular conversation did happen between you and the other party, a call recording app might provide you all the solutions.

New innovations in mobile phones have brought us all the features in a single small device. One of the most used operating system in phones is android operating system designed by Google. So here we summed up some of the most used and popular applications which records phone calls automatically during call as a default in your android smartphones.

5 Best Call Recorder for Android in 2015

1) Call Recorder ACR

best call recorder app Android

Call Recorder ACR is one of the top and most downloaded apps as a call recorder. This app has so many feature that a user can expect of. It allows it users so many options like search for an old recording, grouping them by dates and an auto deleting feature of old recordings. Users can upload their recorded phone calls to the cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox in different formats such as 3gp, MP3, AAC, WAV. It can record both incoming and outgoing calls. It provides auto and manual recording options to the pro users.

2) Automatic call Recorder

Best Call Recorder for Android

This is an app for android that have so many cool features. With this app you don’t have to trigger up to record your calls. This app will automatically record every call you answer. You will get the chance to choose between all calls or only contacts to avoid recording any prank or fake calls. When you will end a call, this app will show summery of your call. You can search for recordings by contacts, date or notes. This app may give you a great deal of services free of cost. You can just download it by 1 click to the Google play store.

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3) All Call Recorder

allcall recorder

This is one of the coolest app that can solve you call recording problems. With this app you will get to save your conversations in 3gp formats. A long press on any file will give you the options to playback, delete etc. you can share your recordings via email, Skype and other cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

You must be aware, when call recording feature is enabled, your phone is going to consume more battery which can be monitored by best battery widget here.

4) Record My Call

rmc call recorder

This app let you to record any types of conversations whether it is incoming or outgoing. All the calls you recorded as a MP3 file directly to your SD card.

It is a very easy to understand app that anybody can use on their android operating smartphone. If you download this app from play store, you will get the option to sync your recordings with Google Drive and can protect them with password.

5) Smart Auto Call Recorder

smart auto call

The last call recording app that I am going to talk about is Smart Auto Call Recorder. It most unique feature is to ensure voice clarity in the recorded files. You can playback any of you conversations and you will have the feeling that it is actually a current conversation. You can sync your files with different cloud storage too.

You can download one these best call recorder for Android from Google play store, we have provided the link for each app. Also, you can type their name in the search box and download from Google play with your Android smart phone. At the very first of you search result you will find them. Then install them and enjoy!