Google Pixel Photo samples show the real power of the smartphone camera

Google claimed that its new Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL has the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made. And their claim is not a fluke. Google Pixel scored 89 in the DxOMark benchmark for camera quality testing which is highest that any smartphone camera has ever achieved. Few days ago, Google shared a link on Pixel User Community containing pictures taken from the new Pixel phone.

If you are thinking that the pictures are fake then you are wrong. As indicated by the EXIF data of the photos, it is confirmed that these sample photos are taken by either the Google Pixel and Google Pixel. However, according to a blog, almost half of the pictures shared have been edited/improved a bit using Snapseed and VSCO android apps.


Talking about the pictures taken by the Pixel and Pixel XL, one thing that is clearly obvious from the pictures is that Google has succeeded in showing that the Pixel camera takes awesome pictures in almost every situation for instance different lighting conditions, daytime pictures etc.

According to DxO, the pictures taken from the Google Pixel phone were remarkably good from many angles. All pictures had high level of detail and quite low noise level in all scenarios. The Exposure and contrast setting was spot on and the white balance even in daylight pictures was terrific.


Some of the shots taken from the Google phone are so good it looks like that they are taken from a DSLR camera rather than a smartphone camera. However, you should keep this in mind that since Google is marketing the Pixel phone camera, they used the best possible conditions and scenarios to take the photos. There is a chance that they might have hired a professional photographer to take the photos as well.

But whatever the case is, these pictures are enough proof to show the real potential of the Google Pixel smartphone and how it came become the best camera phone to have in the upcoming weeks.


  1. Negative! Galaxy S7 takes better pictures and detailed in low-light than Pixel’s. I saw that in many test and even in normal light conditions I still prefere the way S7 pictures looks, so I don’t know what others donsay or that stupid DX0 ratting… For me S7 camera is the best and Google marketing has no effect on me.

    • Everyone has a different opinion but it has been established by majority of the reviewers that Google Pixel camera is better overall than many other, even beating iPhone 7 camera.