How to Install Bluestacks on Mac OS X and Download Android Apps on Mac

Bluestacks is one of the leading Android emulator for Windows PC and Mac. This guide shows you how to install Bluestacks on Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 and download your favorite Android Apps and games. You can install apps from any app stores or even transfer downloaded APK files inside to it and play them in Mac. This will be the best way to use Android Apps in Mac OS X laptop or desktop. We have listed Bluestacks as best Android emulator or Mac here.

For some reasons, Bluestacks doesn’t perform as expected on Mac like how it worked in Windows OS. But there are few steps you can follow to overcome these issues. I will be providing those useful links if you face similar issue.

Steps – How to Install Bluestacks on Mac OS X

1) Download the official package here.

Download Bluestacks on Mac2) You can ignore the next warning message while installing, because this package was downloaded from internet and not from official Apple app store. But since it’s from official Bluestacks website, you proceed the the installation.

After double-clicking the DMG file, installation is simple as usual. Drag the app icon to Applications folder as below. That will install Bluestacks on Mac OS X, in this case 10.9 Mavericks.

Install blustacks on mac

3) Ready to use now, open the app and wait for loading.

Loading Bluestacks

4) You will land on the home page if everything went smoothly.Apps in bluestacks in Mac OS X


How to Install Apps in Bluestacks on Mac OS X

Straightaway if you search for an app, you will find nothing. The result will be blank and you will not find the app.

searching for apps

Google account must be configured in order to download apps from Google play. You can configure Google account in settings menu or just by clicking any app on home page which will popup to set up Google account.

gmail account setup

‘Enable AppStore’ and ‘Setup 1-Click Sync’ should be configured to use Google play store to download and install Android Apps in Mac OS X by using Bluestacks.

The Issues and Solutions to Use Bluestacks in Mac

1) Issue on setting up Google account. Frankly, the second step to configure Google account did not work for me. After entering my Google user name and password, it just hung for long time. So, I could not get Google play store to download apps even though I could see my Google account in accounts list.

By checking the solution on internet I found out that uninstalling and reinstalling app worked for some of the users, but not for me. I’m still unable to use Google play in Bluestacks in Mac.

The solution is to use Open 1Mobile Market which comes with Bluestacks. You will find your most of the famous Android apps in this market. It’s free and even registration is not required.

Scroll the screen down, go to Open 1Mobile Market and search for the Android app you want to install in Mac OS X.

Open 1Mobile Market

Here is the result of WhatsApp Messenger search, click on the app to download then start the installation.

search for apps

2) Bluestacks stuck or not loading in Mac

I have not faced this issue, but as per this video it can stuck while loading for long time. To solve the issue, delete some config files as per mentioned video.

Right click on Bluestacks icon in Application folder and select ‘Show Package Contents’. Open ‘Contents’ then ‘Config’ folder. When Bluestacks is not running, delete these all files and open the app again to solve loading issue.

config files

3) Bluestacks kills Mac Pro laptop battery

Yes, this apps kills the battery. The only solution is to quit the app completely when you are not using it.

We hope this guide would be helpful about how to install Bluestacks on Mac OS X and install Android apps.


  1. hello, i have a question about blue stacks for mac. i downloaded it and everything went smoothly but i can’t seem to sync my apps to the bluestacks, i can download them the other way around but when i see videos that go into the setting to the cloud connect, i don’t have a cloud connect. and I’ve redownloaded blue stacks many times.

  2. Trying to use 1Mobile Market -when I scroll the screen down to search for the android app, all I get is a greyed out screen. I cant click on anything. This is after removing the config files.