Install Bluestacks on Windows 10,8.1 & 7 with Offline Installer and Graphic Card Error Fix

Bluestacks is an famous and free Android emulator that can be installed on latest Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8 and 7 laptops and desktops to use Android apps such as games, messaging apps etc. According to Microsoft, Bluestacks 0.7 and later versions are fully compatible with Windows 8.1. Also the latest version of Bluestacks 0.9 works well on Windows 10. Below you will find useful information about how to install Bluestacks on Windows 10 and 8.1. You will find the link to get offline Bluestacks installer that can be used on a Windows computer which doesn’t have internet connectivity. There is a solution available to fix Graphics card error on Windows computer at end of this guide.

Bluestacks Android emulator requires a decent video display card on the host computer and it uses the PC’s Graphics library (GL) drivers and VGA display hardware. Therefore you might face some issues if your computer display card or display drivers are not compatible (or out of date) with latest Bluestacks on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, 7. You can find more information about Bluestacks’s support page here.

We have earlier published several guides by using Bluestacks on Windows 8.1 such as Candy Crush Saga and WhatsApp on PC.  Do not download older or unofficial versions of Bluestacks, because it will give trouble in playing latest Android apps on your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 computers.

Make sure your computer meets following hardware requirements for Bluestacks,

a) Minimum 2 GB RAM on the host computer

b) A decent display (VGA) card, onboard display cards may give some troubles

c) The latest updated display (VGA card) driver

Online- How to Install Bluestacks on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/7

1) Download the latest package from official site here.

Download Bluestacks for Windows 10

2)  You must be connected to internet to continue the process . After executing the file, it will download several packages and libraries from internet.

The following installation screenshot has been taken from Windows 10 PC, therefore its safe to install it on latest Windows 10 and older versions like Windows 8.1 and 7.

Installing on Windows 10 and 8.1

Select the appropriate options, select all of them in this case.

Options during installation

Sit back and relax, it will be downloading required files from internet and do the installation.

running installation on windows 10

Bluestacks Graphic Card 25000 Error Fix

During the online installation you may get an error of 25000 which is related to display card.  As we said earlier, the PC’s display card plays major role in Bluestacks technology, the error indicates some issues on the display card or drivers. The first thing you need to check is the ‘updated driver of your display card’.

Do a Windows update (mostly it will detect if there is a driver update available for particular display (VGA) card, or visit the vendor’s website and update the drivers. Restart will be required after updating display drivers, continue the Bluestacks installation after it.

You can find other solutions from this link to fix graphic card error 25000 in Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 8/7.

3) Once the installation is completed, you need to configure the app store and sync devices options.  You can use existing or create a new Gmail account for this purpose.

completed settings

4) There you go, now you can access your favorite apps from Google play through Bluestacks in Windows 10 and 8.1.

working latest Bluestacks on Windows 10

Mac users can check our guide shows how to install Bluestacks on Mac OS X, which needs few specific settings and methods.

Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 8/8.1/10- Installation Steps

The first method required internet connectivity and this method can be done offline without internet connectivity. I’m demonstrating these steps on Windows 8.1 computer, therefore it should work fine on Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista too. Installation is straightforward like other normal Windows programs.

I have not tried this offline method on latest Windows 10, so I’m not sure how it’s going work!.

5) Download the official offline installer package from this site, it’s an EXE file.

6) Execute and install it.

first page to install bluestack offline installer

You can continue the installation with both below options selected.


During the installation you may get an error related to display card driver (like 25000 error). You must update VGA/display drivers file from products vendor site or Windows update to solve this issue.

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7) Once the installation is completed, you will land on the home screen of Bluestacks app player which is installed in offline mode.

bluestacks offline installer for windows 8.1

As usual Google account needs to be setup before accessing Google Play and download apps.

This will be a great way of using Google Play apps, games including kik for PC on Windows 10,8.1 or 8/7 desktops and laptops.


  1. Hi, I have successfully installed Bluestacks. Its working great till now, no problems faced. Just wanted to know if there is an option to scale down the screen to that of the phone? Right now its too big and I couldn’t find the option to make it small.

    • Well in windows it wouldn’t work bluestack is still not that good but I have tried it in linux using Adroid sdk where I ran whatsapp apk in a nexus emulator it works fine you dont have to see that oversized scree which you see in windows

  2. mine downloads and installs but just shows a blank black page where the bluestacks window is, like the whole window is a black void

  3. While installing bluestacks in windows 8 laptop, i got the problem to update the graphics driver of my lap. If i click to update the grpahics driver, i got the problem of hanging.

  4. i have installed bluestack in my pc, but when i am trying to un it , it is asking to update my graphics driver, i have updated my driver, but still then it is not running.
    so kindly send me necessary feedback

  5. i have installed bluestacks in 8.1 it worked at starting but now it is not working now a message of windows start lunchur has stopped working

  6. I have installed bluestacks setup but after it a window appears with written downloading game data may I continue

  7. hey i have a problem bluestakes while installing give an error that it requires atleast 2 gb but i have 33 gb free…

  8. i was trying to install bluestacks in my windows 8, but it is asking for graphic driver update, but my graphic driver is updated. What to do please help…

  9. Bluestacks ran fine on Widnows 8.1, did the 8.1 upgrade, and now when I try to run it, it opens the icon in the picture viewer, and downloading the installer from tells me download package is damaged try again, and when I download the latest version from another site, it tells me I already have a newer update on my computer. It will not launch or load under 8.1 update.

  10. you need 2 gigs of memory, storage is like 8 gigs. you only have 1 gig or less, Solution: get a new computer or try it on a 2gig or more memory pc

  11. hi, I have installed bluestacks successfully but after tat a window appears with “downloading game data”.. and this takes unacceptable time to download…. what should I do now to run it fast

    • i have downloaded the bluestack but any time i install it, it prompts me with a problem of my graphic card. please can you help. i am using windows 8.1

  12. I hav installed bluestacks in my window 8 with 4gb of RAM( 3.88gb usable), but when i click the start bluestacks icon on my desktop, after it finish downloading the game data, it stucks at initializing for hours! can anyone solve this?

  13. when i am installing the bluestacks im warn that currently your graphic card doesn’t recognize.
    pls can someone help me out!

  14. hii, my bluestack after installing works well. But Next day i start it ,it keeps on intializing and wont start .I left it for 1 hour but keeps on intializing, i have 2gb ram intel pentinum dual core 3.00ghz processor
    and intel g41 express chipset gpu. Can anyone help me

  15. Whenever I open the Bluestacks application It always get stuck on downloading game data, please can somebody help me. I will even donate to you on paypal as i’m desperate.

    • Hi, the exact same thing was happening to me even though I googled it and tried every different suggestion I found but really the answer was so simple I wanted to kick myself after uninstalling and reinstalling so many times and not trying this one very simple thing. When it gets stuck on that downloading game data page just close the window by clicking the x in the top right hand corner then double click the start Bluestacks icon on your desktop. It should open straight to the intializing page and mine was installed in about 2 or 3 minutes. Hope this helps if you haven’t given up on Bluestacks already!

      • I tried what u said.. but its not working either. i have tried all options. it just stays on the downloading game data screen.

  16. I installed bluestacks on my laptop .
    its very good tool run andriod on lappy.
    But due to heavy graphics , it required very good configuration .
    have latest lappy for advanced tool such as , bluestacks .

  17. hi guys im tryna install bluestacks ofline edition but my kinda sukie at it cos ive been running linux for almlost 3 years soo im just got windows for bluestac so i can clash on my tv pls help:problem dont know how to install it xD

  18. Hi guys ! i’m on windows 8.1 and i got a problem with bluestacks . When it’s installed it blocks on initializing screen for an infinite time. I try to execute as admin or compatibility mode but nothing works. Help me please 🙁 !

    Thanks .

  19. There’s a way to resolve the windows 8.1 Graphic Card issue.
    Just google Windows 8.1 drivers scanner and do a update on your current driver, normally for Windows 8.1 it will probably install a PnP driver to the computer and caused this issue hence just update your driver to the lastest version and the problem will be solved.

  20. i downloded this app and installed it but it showed tat its app is down loding so it left it and felt sleep
    after i get up my laptop is switched off it self now when i click on startbluestacks it is not appearing in screen it tells that it is in background process if it is downloding are not

  21. When I am trying to install one of the application from the google play ,then iI tried to login into the Google account then it could not possible to login and getting the message like this page can not be displayed ,, I tried 3-4 times but getting the same message as I just wrote above, could some one help me on this . or this is the problems into the beta .

  22. Blue stacks is not running in my windows 8.1 what i will do give me some solution in which i can run blue stacks in my pc.

  23. i am using blue stacks app player on windows 8.1,but now and then it need graphics driver update it is important to do, please mail me

  24. i have installed bluestacks bt its showing a windowthat says downloading game file and its taking foever ,should i continue or threre is an eeror?

  25. I get the following error message while trying to download whatsapp on my Asus tablet with Windows 8 – “Whatsapp Messenger’ could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server. {RPC:S-7:AEC-7]) ?
    Can you please help??????

  26. i have windows 8.1 on muy PC. I have got oflline installer of BlueStacks Rooted setup v0.9.1.4057 (Android 4.4.2) Mod. it has installed successfully but when I try to run it, it is just showing ‘initialising’. what is the problem with it?

  27. hi gys idownload blue stacks on window 8.1 but wie n i tried to open it it show “dotnet version 2 is required to install blue stacks download it and try again: butt when i tried to download dot net version 2 it install but at the of installation it rool back the process please help

  28. hi!!! I have successfully installed Bluestacks but I can’t Install any apps… Especially I want to install KIK messenger on my laptop… when trying to install nit shows error….Please help me

  29. can any one help me ??
    my bluestacks android for windows 8 pc offline installer is not working…..
    when starts it says ‘android is upgrading ‘
    plzzzz can any1 help?

  30. when i have downloaded the online version then it runs but after few seconds it shows a blank black page ….and when i tried the offline version then it is showing initializing but it doesn’t open in windows 8.1….what should i do?? i never faced this problem while using bluestacks using windows 8….

  31. mine gets stuck on the “downloading game data” screen. i have already selected windows 8 under properties/compatibility of the installer and also had it run as admin. i have tried uninstalling then reinstalling it several times but i still get stuck on the downloading game data part. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  32. When i try to install Blue stacks on my computer i get an Error Message Saying Exactly This “sorry.. this upgrade is not supported for the installed version” with out the quotes and the program closes on me shortly after… I use to have the program on my computer in the past just fine i uninstalled it when i did a computer wipe and figured i’d get it again because i really enjoyed using this Android Emulator but now. For the life of me i have no freaking clue what to do and i am not a non computer savvy person. i have looked all over Google to try and resolve this issue and didn’t want to have to resort to hoping to getting a reply from this place but maybe ill have better luck here because it seems that not many people have had this problem and have had others problems not this one and i really need to know why it’s saying/doing this to me and how i can go about resolving this.

  33. bluestacks setup my’s good working but one problem..that problem is “”whats app,,i recived photo but i dont’n send any photo,,why???? ”’

  34. Hi,

    I just installed the blue stacks in my laptop ATIV tab7 samsung. However I just confuse when using the messenger for calling their is no video call. In found that this is designed for phone. My concerned are,
    1. Is there any possible to install messenger with video when calling.
    2. How to log out the messenger so that you can log in to another facebook account.

    Thank you if you could possibly help me.

  35. Hi,

    i am not able in installing bluestacks. in my previous version of windows which was windows 7 it was working perfectaly but now when i am using windows 8.1 i am not able to install it. when i open its setup to install it on my pc a window appears on screen which says that
    this application requires .NET Frame work 2.0 SP2

    Can you explain me what is this ?
    why it is not running in windows 8.1?

  36. I had an older version of bluestack dated 2012
    was removed from my computer long time ago. I keep geting error older version has to be removed but unable to do so so it aborts. I clean all the registry in windows that had bluestack in it. still smae problem.

    any sugetions what other names in the registry are related to bluestack?


  37. Hi, I am using Windows 8 or maybe 8.1 and I keep having to “run anyway” the program but it says in the end in a box “extraction failed” then File corrupt.

    I am a noob when it comes to tech stuff so all the other stuff I read online reads like alien language. Is there a way to install bluestacks inWindows 8 without much hassle?

  38. hi friends i have install bluestack app player version 0.7 but when i start it show the loading after a few seconds it dissappear and it dont work , i have 4gb ram and 1 tb hard disk also

  39. i was download blue stack but at the time of installation it showing erroe
    that error is unable to connect network error bu ihave network no problem so what can ido