How to Install Talkray on PC & Mac – Windows 8, 8.1, Mac OS X and Activate it

Follow this step by step guide to install Talkray on PC, Mac OS X and activate it with Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Mac OS X Mavericks and Yosemite. Talkray is one of the leading free call and text app which available for Android and iOS phone OS platforms only. Their high High definition voice quality with group calling and chatting features are famous and unique among similar VoIP Apps.

You can send messages, pictures, videos and even call others while you are already on call. Group calling and chatting is something new and professional in this free VoIP calling app. It could the best alternative VoIP app for Viber where it’s blocked by ISP (Internet Service Provider). Its great for professional atmosphere purpose like another famous WhatsApp app.

Since this app is built for smart phones, it doesn’t support PCs and Mac computer Operating Systems. Installing Talkray on PC or Mac OS X  is not a straightway method. We need to use an Android emulator to have Talkray on Windows 8.1 or Mac OS X.

Valid phone number is required for this purpose, because  your friends can find you by this phone number on their Talkray app even though you have installed it on Windows PC or Mac OS X.

Steps on How to Install Talkray on PC (Windows 8.1) and Activate it

1) As we mentioned earlier Android emulator has to be used here.

Follow our earlier guide to download and install Bluestacks (Android Emulator) on Windows 8.1. Make sure to update video graphics driver on Windows Operating System before start installing Bluestacks, because Bluestacks will be needing up to date display driver.

2) After registering with Google account, open Play store and search for Talkray.

Search for talkray on PC

3) Click install to start the installation.

install the app

4) After the installation, you need to provide  phone number of you. This is not like WhatsApp or Viber activation. They will not send any activation SMS. The phone number you enter will be identified by others and your friends as you (your particular number) joined Talkray and they can see it in Talkray app.

phone number to activate talkray

Once you click ‘Verify with SMS’, even though the PC can’t receive the SMS but Talkray would be ready to work immediately after this step.

5) The sound quality is great with Bluestacks Android emulator and Talkray app on Windows 8.1 PC. If the physical keyboard doesn’t work inside emulator, you may need to use the Android onscreen keyboard for chatting.

chat in talkray on pc

Talkray on Mac OS X, Mavericks & Yosemite

The following demonstration has been done on Yosemite with MacBook pro. The methods are similar to how we did on Windows PC.

1) You will be needing the Bluestacks Android emulator on Mac OS X (follow this guide).

2) Open the Bluestacks app and search for Talkray in Google Play or 1Mobile market place.

Search talkray for Mac

Once you have successfully installed the Talkray on Mac, start the initial configuration screen.

configure talkray on Mac Yosemite

Now the Talkray can be used on your MacPro laptop or desktop assuming the the sound with microphone works fine with Bluestacks.

I’m sure this method will enable Windows and Mac users to use this great VoIP and chatting app on their laptops and desktops instead of using on smartphone. There will be some glitches while using this app which was built for smartphone platforms, but definitely it is manageable considering the fact  your are using Talkray on Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X.