How to Install Viber on Nexus 7 2013 and 2012 with Your Device Isn’t Compatible with this version Error

If you are a Viber fan but you can’t install it on Nexus 7 device by ‘Your device isn’t compatible with this version’ error, then this guide would be helpful. Viber  calling and messaging app can’t be installed on Nexus 7 devices from official Google Play. This simple guide explains how to install Viber on Nexus 7 2013 ( and 2012) WiFi models. Even though there are few limitations and complaints about using Viber app on tablets, still you can keep on trying updated with versions because other people are using it.

As said earlier we can’t install Viber from official Google play on Nexus 7. Only manual installation is possible as of now by downloading APK file from official website and install it.

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To be able to install apps on Android device from other sources than Google Play, you must enable ‘Unknown source’ installation in Nexus 7 security settings.

warning message How to Install Viber on Nexus 7

We have already published a guide about how to install 3rd party apps on Nexus 7 device, refer this guide and make sure you have enabled ‘Unknown sources’ of apps.


[Steps] How to Install Viber on Nexus 7 2013 and 2012

1) Browse the following location in Nexus 7 browser to download official Viber APK file.

Press OK for the warning message.

download viber apk file on nexus 7


2) Once it’s downloaded successfully, simply open it by pressing on the file.

open the download

If you have not enabled 3rd party apps installation on the device, now you will get an error and can’t continue install Viber on Nexus 7. Therefore enable the security settings before reach this step.

3) Press Next and finish the installation. You should get the initial configuration screen very soon.

4) You must have another working phone with Viber installation to receive new activation code. Enter the phone number of that phone in next screen.

enter phone number

Enter code you received in next screen.

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5) It will not synchronize your Viber contacts. You need to manually add your Viber contacts on Nexus 7 or allow access to contacts on your Nexus 7 device.

working viber on nexus 7

I’m sure this simple guide would be helpful on how to install Viber on Nexus 7 2013 or 2012.  For me, calling out/receiving calls and sending SMS from my Nexus 7 by using Viber worked well.

Remember – You should manually update Viber app on Nexus 7. Your device will not check for software update automatically because we have not installed through Google Play.

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