Samsung Galaxy S7 demand increases thanks to Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is currently the latest flagship from the Galaxy S series but the latest Note series smartphone, the Note 7 had an issue with it due to which Samsung suspended the sales of Note 7 even after the replacement unit also started to catch fire and are also recalling the second batch of Galaxy Note 7 devices handed over to the users as a replacement for the initial Galaxy Note 7 model having battery explosion issue. 

As the issue continues, many carriers and retailers have already started refunding their customers or offering them replacement smartphones. During all this Galaxy Note 7 chaos, many analysts predicted a sharp decline in Samsung’s reputation among its users but that’s not the case. According to many retailers, especially from Taiwan, it has been confirmed that 90% of customers returning Note 7 users are opting for the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge as their replacement smartphones instead of any other brand smartphone.

Carriers and retailers all over the world have already depleted their Galaxy S7 stock and even though Samsung stopped the production of Galaxy S7, they have to start it again to meet the demand of the new customers.

Currently, Samsung is offering a gift certificate of $95 to every customer who choose either S7 edge or Note 5 as their replacement phones. But since Galaxy Note 7 is pretty expensive than these 2 models, customers will also get a refund of $125-$155 if they choose S7 edge and $125-$220 if they choose Galaxy Note 5.

It is amazing to see how the customers of Samsung have stayed loyal to it even after such an issue which has tarnished the Samsung Note series reputation, which may never be the same again. But don’t think that Galaxy S7 or S7 edge or even Note 5 are low-tier devices. They are still performing best and were among the best smartphones to have when they were launched.