Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored to have 4K display, 30MP camera and much more

It is still quite early to talk about the next Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone but we have gotten some pretty interesting information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. According to the latest leaked information about the Galaxy S8, the phone has some of the craziest specs you will ever see in a smartphone.


The leaked information contains full specs list of the phone as well as its pricing information. Starting of, the phone is said to have a 3.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor coupled with 6GB RAM. We have already seen 6GB RAM configuration in OnePlus 3 and there are a lot of other devices with 4GB RAM or more. This time, Samsung has decided to go with the 6GB RAM option.

The biggest surprises in terms of specs of Galaxy S8 is its screen resolution. According to the leaked information, Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a 5.2-inch display with 2160 x 4096 resolution. That’s 4K resolution on a smartphone display. Apart from that, S8 is said to have a 30MP rear camera with OIS and front facing 9MP camera. Other features include a retina and fingerprint scanner, wireless and fast charging and a mini projector. The phone’s battery unit is also quite huge and packs a 4200mAh battery unit.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will have 64GB/128GB storage and an additional microSD card slot. In terms of pricing, Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost around $850 which is a bit higher than the launch price of Galaxy S7 ($750)