Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7 worldwide

According to a Korean News Agency, Samsung is suspending the production of its latest Galaxy Note 7 flagship smartphone after it failed to address the issue of battery explosion in the Note 7 smartphone. The company recalled the 1st batch of Galaxy Note 7 devices and offered replacement Note 7 devices claimed to be safe. But even the replacement Note 7 phones caught fire and caused 1 person enough injuries that he was sent to a hospital.

The halt in production of Galaxy Note 7 is a decision taken by Samsung after consulting with the safety regulatory authorities in the US, China and Korea. As of now, All US carriers including AT&T and Verizon and Australian carriers have also suspended the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the exchange program as well.


Note 7 received a lot of praise all over the world due to its stunning design and great specs but the smartphone’s success was soon hindered when people started reporting their Note 7 catching fire without any particular reason. Samsung did say that the cause of the issue was the faulty battery unit where the battery’s anode and cathode ends (positive and negative) come in contact with each other causing the battery to short and in turn it catches fire.

If you own a Galaxy Note 7, you should quickly head to your retailer or carrier to exchange it. If they no longer accept exchange, then return them the Galaxy Note 7 and get another Android smartphone.