Looking for the Top Flagship Phones with fingerprint sensor

This year has been full of new and innovative smartphones from different manufacturer. But there is one tiny spec that was included in almost all the latest flagship smartphones and that is fingerprint sensors. Almost all the top flagship phones with fingerprint sensor that are released in 2016 have the best hardware and software and as it has become a norm; even the mid-tier smartphones are getting fingerprint sensor as well.

This form of verification was made famous by the iPhone 5S, but now every flagship phone comes out with a fingerprint reader, which is faster and more reliable than what the iPhone had put out. The following is our compilation of the top flagship phones with fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung S7 Edge

Perhaps the greatest phone of 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are our first entry into the list of top flagship phones with fingerprint sensor. After the fall of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung noted an increase in sale and demand for the S7 and S7 Edge. The phone is constructed beautifully of glass and metal, and looks even more stunning in the edge variant.

source: techradar.com

The fingerprint sensor is located inside the home button, and works really well. Unlocks almost instantly. Furthermore, if you are a user of Samsung browser, the smartphone’s fingerprint sensor can also be used to login into different web sites.

HTC 10

HTC has made some beautiful phones. Its signature look is the stunning metal unibody design. The HTC 10 is a proof that HTC still has some moves to play. Hi-Fi audio, a powerful DAC to run high end headphones, boom sound and also featuring fingerprint sensor, HTC 10 is a great flagship phone to have if you are looking for a flagship phone with fingerprint sensor that also has the looks.

source: stuff.tv
source: stuff.tv

All of this makes HTC 10 a solid flagship. This phone also sports a fast fingerprint reader. The sensor is located on the front, in an oval home button which resembles Samsung’s own home button. The sensor is a quick one and is also really reliable.

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